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lunes, 25 de febrero de 2008

Finding a Job on line!

Finding a Job on line!
Well, now you're about to graduate... and comes the hard task of finding a job... So, where do we start? A good way to find a job is by looking for the perfect job in the internet. Let's get ready to ship off in this exciting adventure!Finding a Job!First of all... ask yourself this question: What do you want to do? What can you do? What are you certified or will be certified ...soon... to do?Next, go to Yahoo Hot Jobs or and try to located a job you'd like to have. This is how your degree is called in the United States or these are your Certifications.Now, that you have selected a job, apply on line and check on vocabulary. Post your job at your blog. Please, write an introductory paragraph explaining why you selected that specific job.Writing your Cover LetterAfter you have selected your dream job. You're ready to find examples of Cover Letters in the internet. In order to find a good example go to Google and type: Cover Letter Example for Engineers in the search window. You'll probably find: Now, you are ready to write your cover letter. Get the job information you found and write a cover letter as you were applying for that job.Here, it's an article about writing a good cover letter. Do Cover Letters Really Matter?. Follow their advice and remember those tips when writing your cover letter.Resume WritingOk, you have located a job in the internet, wrote a cover letter... now it's time to write a resume... a winning resume, of course.Well, again ... let's go to Google and find some resume samples for your expertise area... For example: Career Center Graphic Designer Resume - A sample graphic designer resumeRead the article about writing a great resume.Arm Yourself With a First-Rate Resumewrite your resume... you can select the kind of resume you want. Make sure your resume includes everything you need to get the job you selected and wrote a cover letter for.Well, that's all for finding a job, writing a cover letter and a resume. Don't forget to post all your work in your blog.Keep on shining!

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An interview! of my

Name: Jose Duarte
Date: 28/01/2008
1. Could you please define Engineering in your own words?
2. What influenced you to pursue Electronics engineering, industrial engineering, computer science engineering or informatics engineering?
3. Could you please describe the educational process required to become an Engineer?
4. What are the skills you need to be a good engineer?
5. What job considerations were you looking for after you completed your education?
6. What's something of your school life that you enjoy the most?
7. From your perspective, what is the most difficult part of being an engineering student?
8. What are your plans for the future?
9. Point out your most personally gratifying moment in engineering school.
10. Why would you recommend Engineering as a career?

1. Is the branch of engineering dealing with the design, development, and implementation of integrated systems of humans, machines, and information resources to provide products and services.

2. My major influence is my dad, he born in a poor family, and he may his way with hard work and dedication to be a chief of Team SHA (Security, Hygiene, and Ambience of work) in ENELVEN in Cabimas.

3. The process is good the only thing you have to do is put a lot of effort, and now a lot of math

4. The skills you need to become a good engineer is have a lot of creativity, and have the way to be a good communicator.

5. A good job on a community service company like enelven o another good company around the world

6. The thing I like the most of my school life are the friendships you build by the time you go further time you are in the school.

7. The most difficult part is you don’t have much time to rest because you have all you effort in your studies and don’t have much time for yourselves.

8. My plans for the future are to build my own company of service.

9. My most gratify part is the part you do community service because you help kids and communities improved their way of life.

10. I recommended because with this career you have the way to improved your life in a good way

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Welcome to mi blog

Hello!!!! all I’m Jose Duarte I’m from Maracaibo, Venezuela, I’m study Industrial Engineering at Rafael Belloso Chacin University in Maracaibo, I have 20 years old, One of my favorite things since a was a little kid is play baseball and listen, A LOT!!!!!! Of music, I hate stay at home in the afternoons, and I hate eat fish; about learning a second language is interesting because I can’t interact with people all around the world